Craif received the “Generation Award” prize at the 2020 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “INNO-vation” project

Craif’s effort to develop “Painless and accurate early detection of cancer by urine test” won the “Generation Award Category” field prize in the “INNO-vation” project conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to find challengers to ICT technology issues.

■About “INNO-vation” project

To create global-scale value creation in the ICT field, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has been implementing the “INNO-vation” program since FY 2014 to create disruptive innovation.
The year 2020 marks the greatest turning point in postwar civilization, when the global spread of the new virus COVID-19 will promote the diversification of social life, including new lifestyles, and usher in a paradigm shift in industrial and social transformation on a global scale.
“INNO-vation” project defined that the people who have created disruptive innovations in the history of mankind are “crazy people” who are not afraid to take on strange and ambitious technical challenges.
Rather than “the ability to search for a known correct answer,” which can be done with artificial intelligence, the project supports people who are curious about “creating 1 from 0” with the ability to identify issues that have never been tackled before (i.e., cannot be predicted by artificial intelligence) and open up the future.
For more information on “INNO-vation”, please click here.

■About the “Generation Award”

The cooperating corporate sponsors of the contest present the “Generation Award” for unique ideas and technologies that will make the future better in the ICT field.
From over 10,000 entries, a total of 225 ideas and technologies were nominated.