Research Head(Lifescience)

Location: Nagoya

Our goal is to create a society where everyone can stay healthy throughout their lifetime.
To achieve this mission, we are strongly driving our research projects, including development of our unique devices for exosome extraction, revealing exosome biologies, and clinical studies to develop urine tests for various applications. We have not only promoted joint research projects with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, major corporations, and academia but also published conference presentations and academic papers.
Although our base is in Japan, we are developing our services and research globally. Our team has a diverse disciplinary and international background, and we are invested by US Venture Capitals. We also opened a new hub in JLABS Shanghai in early 2021 to expand our business abroad.
Our core technology is our proprietary nanowire device which can extract exosomes from body fluids efficiently. Compared to conventional methods, we can detect further more species of miRNA in a short and simple procedure. We have thousands of clinical samples measured its miRNA profiles by processing through our nanowire device. Together with the rich patient’s clinical information, our data platform is one of the largest data platforms of exosomes and its clinical implication.
We also own a cutting edge research environment, including next-generation sequencers and a dedicated data science team.
■Research themes

・Search for cancer biomarkers through identification and quantification of biomolecules in bodily fluids, especially urine. (Using various detection modalities such as NGS, qPCR, ELISA, etc.)
・Functional analyses of exosomes / miRNAs and other biomolecules.
・Development of diagnostic and testing systems related to the above themes.

■Career advantages

・You can be directly involved in the process of bringing products to the market. The development period for diagnostic tests is much shorter, and the projects are driven by a much smaller team than those of drug discovery.
・Working together with a small and specialized team, decision-making is fast and there is no hierarchy in the organization.
・All of your R&D project will directly be your track record as one of the 3P. (Product, Patent, Publication)
・You will be able to research the most advanced facilities, including the latest next-generation sequencer.
・Although the company is based in Japan, you will work globally in a multi-national team. The researches are driven in collaboration of multidisciplinary team, including biology, semiconductor engineers, data scientists and clinical experts.


・Ph.D. in medicine, pharmacy, engineering, agriculture, veterinary medicine, biology, etc. or equivalent.
・A person has strong responsibility and interpersonal skills.

■We are looking for people who

・A person who can work positively and without hesitation even in ambiguous situation.
・A person who can think independently and involve others to promote the project with leadership.
・A person who can produce results with a sense of speed and high productivity.
・A person who can work carefully and carry out experiments accurately.
・A person who likes to work in a team and produce results while respecting diversity.
・A person who can work towards the essential things regardless of age or position.

<Experience and Skills>
・Experience in handling next-generation sequencers (NGS) or qPCR
・Experience in handling small RNA or ExRNA
・Experience in the development of in vitro diagnostic products, LDT (Lab ・Development Test), or research reagents
・High level of expertise in oncology and immunology


・Work hours: 9:00 – 18:00 (60 minutes break)
・Holidays: Saturdays and Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year vacations
・Employment Status: Full-time
・Salary: 8,000,000 yen – 15,000,000 yen per annum (*for a team manager)