Craif selected for Medtech Innovator 2024 Cohort,the world’s largest medtech accelerator

 Tokyo,Japan June 5, 2024  Craif, a molecular diagnostic company that has developed a miRNA based early cancer detection platform, is proud to announce its selection as one of the 65 companies accepted into the prestigious 2024 Medtech Innovator Accelerator Cohort, the world’s largest medical technology accelerator. Craif was chosen from approximately 1,300 companies worldwide.

 The MTI accelerator program identifies startups in medical devices, diagnostics and digital health with innovative medical technologies and provides them with four months of support from leading industry partners and experts. MTI’s  mission is to improve the lives of patients by accelerating the growth of companies that are transforming the healthcare system. Among the approximately 600 graduated companies, there have been 310 medical devices, diagnostics and digital health platforms, who have received  U.S. regulatory approval and are being used in clinical settings.

 “Craif will leverage the accelerator to support the development in the US of our  early pancreatic cancer detection assay.  Our miRNA platform has been shown to have high predictive ability across a number of different types of cancer.   We have chosen to focus on pancreatic cancer in high risk patients because of the diagnostic dilemma.  Pancreatic cancer is only treatable in early stages and the current standard of care (imaging) is missing many early stage cancers (< 2 cm) resulting in poor outcomes.  Our diagnostic could help improve outcomes by finding more patients with early stage pancreatic cancer resulting in more patients being sent to curative treatment”  said CEO and Co-Founder Ryuichi Onose.  

For more information, visit MedTech Innovator’s website.

■ About MedTech Innovator
 MedTech Innovator is the world’s largest accelerator of medical technology companies. Its mission is to improve human health by accelerating the growth of companies that are transforming care. MedTech Innovator has been a catalyst for groundbreaking healthcare solutions, reviewing 12,000 applicants and fostering the growth of 612 companies that have collectively raised over $8 billion in follow-on funding and introduced 310 products to the market, transforming the lives of millions.

■ About Craif Inc.
 Craif is harnessing the power of miRNA in an easy to collect urine sample to detect diseases earlier than the standard of care in order to optimize treatment and improve outcomes.  We have launched a MultiCancer Early Detection test in Japan (miSignal), that tests for seven cancers.   The company has brought this technology to the US to develop an early pancreatic cancer detection assay for high risk patients.