Craif and Osaka University Published a Joint Study Result on Single Molecule Electron Transfer Speed of DNA/RNA in Chem

 Craif (Location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryuichi Onose, hereinafter “Craif”) and SANKEN, Osaka University published the joint study result of single molecule electron transfer speed of DNA/RNA in Chem on 1st September. This study was conducted by Kiyohiko Kawai Associate Professor (SANKEN, Osaka University), and Craif provided analysis support to SANKEN. In this study, Craif and SANKEN developed a method to measure the speed of long-distance movement of electrons in DNA by a single molecule, and succeeded in rapid intraoperative diagnosis of single-molecule point mutations in mRNA in pathological specimens. This technique is expected to be a breakthrough for rapid analysis and diagnosis of single DNA/RNA molecules. 
 Craif will continue to strengthen its partnerships with medical institutions nationwide, and will widely deliver new approaches for early detection and optimization of treatment of various diseases to people, thereby realizing our mission “To Ensure Lifelong Health for Everyone.”