Craif Launched Lung and Stomach Cancer Test from miSignal®️ Series

 Craif Inc. (Location: Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, CEO: Ryuichi Onose, hereinafter referred to as “Craif”) started offering lung and stomach cancer test from 10th October 2022 through medical institutions as part of the “miSignal®️” series, a cancer risk screening test for early-stage cancer detection using urinary microRNA (hereinafter referred to as “miRNA”).  With this new product launch, miSignal®️ will be updated to a cancer test which can assess the risk of 4 cancer types (lung, stomach, breast, and ovary) at once.

■ Background of this Launch 
 The number of new cases in Japan is 122,825(*) per year, and the mortality rate (per 100,000 population) is 60.9(*) for lung cancer, whereas  the number new cases in Japan is 126,009(*) per year, and the mortality rate (per 100,000 population) is 34.7 for stomach cancer(*). Although appropriate tests have been established for lung and stomach cancer, many people do not undergo examinations because they are not comfortable with painful tests or do not have time to go for checkups due to their busy schedules. Although recent medical advances have improved treatment outcomes, the 5-year relative survival rates are still 83.5% for localized (early stage) and 6.4% for distant metastasis for lung cancer (*), and 96.7% and 6.6% (*) for stomach cancer, respectively.
 Regardless of many medical advances made for lung and stomach cancer drugs and treatment, early detection and treatment is essential to fundamentally improve the prognosis. By developing and providing a painless and  straightforward urinary test useful to detect early-stage cancer, Craif will contribute to improve the prognosis of cancers.

(*) National Cancer Center Cancer Information Service, “Cancer Statistics” (National Cancer Registry)