Craif Announced New Product in miSignal®️ Series, “Remote Cancer TestTM

 Craif Inc. (Location: Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, CEO: Ryuichi Onose, hereinafter referred to as “Craif”) will start offering “Remote Cancer TestTM,” a home-completed test, from 7th November. At the same date, three additional cancer types (Pancreatic, Colorectal, and Esophageal) will be added to the lineup. 
 With these product updates, miSignal®️ and Remote Cancer TestTM  will be evolved into a test that can determine the cancer risk of a maximum of seven cancer types at the same time, which will make it a service that can be recommended to an even wider range of customers.
 Craif will continue to take on the challenge of its vision, “to Ensure Lifelong Health For Everyone,” by widely delivering new initiatives for early detection of all kinds of diseases and optimization of treatment.

■ Background of Launching Remote Cancer TestTM 
 Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the cancer screening uptake rate has been declining (5.99 million in 2019 → 940,000 in 2020 → 5.37 million in 2021), which possibly means that at least 10,000 cancers was undetected in 2020*1). Additionally, it is clear that the decline in detect rates of early stage stomach (-17.4%), colorectal (-13.9%) and lung cancer (-17.1%) are particularly large*2. 
 The decline in the uptake of cancer screening and the decrease in the number of diagnoses of early-stage cancers may hinder early detection and treatment of cancer, and may limit treatment options once cancer has progressed. Despite advances in the development of new drugs and treatments, the most important factor in fundamentally improving the prognosis of cancer is to encourage people to undergo cancer screening, to detect cancer in its early stages, and to begin treatment. Craif will continue to contribute to the improvement of cancer prognosis by developing and offering a test that can detect cancer in its early stages through a painless and easy urine test.
(*1) Announced by the Japan Cancer Society (March 24, 2021/April 4, 2022)(*2) Cancer Control Association Bulletin No. 708

■ Outline of Remote Cancer ScreeningTM
 Remote Cancer TestTM is a next-generation cancer test* that focuses on microRNAs, which play an important role in the onset, progression, and metastasis of cancer. The greatest feature of this service is that it is “easy and painless.” By simply collecting urine and sending it by post mail, you can easily check the risk of cancer without any burden. Currently, the service is available for seven types of cancer (colorectal, lung, stomach, breast, pancreatic, esophageal, and ovarian cancer). For details, please visit the website (
*Craif is the industry’s first cancer test technology that uses AI to analyze microRNAs in urine.